What You Need to Know


How to Print Effectively

Anybody can put their logo on just about anything. The question is can they do it effectively? Here we will discuss how to print effectively and make sure you are getting the most out of your printing. At Scarlett Printing we ensure our clients the best material to print on. With several options to choose from, your logo can go on what is best for your business. We have wide array of options for you to choose from. From mouse pads to coffee cups we can print your logo on just about any surface.

How do you know what to put your logo on? Here are some tips as to marketing effectively through printing.

One of the best ways to get people to know about your business is to put your logo on any type of apparel. Make office shirts jackets and other clothing that markets your brand. You can use the same colors of your business and place your logo on the clothing item. This gets people aware of your business without you even having to say a word. additionally, you can sell this apparel to your clients. This is a great way to market your brand in day to day life.

Another great item to put your logo on his business cards. This is one of our bestsellers at Scarlet printing. Business cards or a quick and easy way to get a lot of information to potential clients or customers. They are small but highly effective. anytime somebody needs to get a hold of you they will look at your business card. That puts your logo in their brain. The more your logo is thought about the more business you will get.

Coffee cups, mugs, water bottles and more is another great item to put your logo on. Just like clothing items, this type of marketing requires no words to be said. It illuminates the idea that you are trying to force your company on to the community. you can use these for your employees or you can also give them or sell them to your customers. The extra branding will give your company the boost it is looking for.

Pend are another great source of getting your logo into the world. Everybody uses pins. Give them away to people when they sign a contract with your business. This is one of the most practical items to put your logo on. in today society logos or all over. People are being bombarded with different companies. Some of them not as subtlety as pens. they are effective and can be used every day. You will definitely not be wasting marketing money if you put your design on writing utensils.

There are several other items that you can put your logos on. Depending on your business, there are different places that your logo should be. For example, a coffee shop would definitely benefit if the logo is on coffee mugs. However, a mechanic shop might not benefit so much from logos on coffee cups. They could put their logo on towels. It’s all about knowing your field and what you used daily. If you use something every day your logo would most likely benefit to be on it.

Printing logos or designs on everyday items is a great marketing tool. it is an easy and affordable way to let people know who you are and what you were doing without having to tell them. Scarlet printing can put your logo on any surface you desire. We also have a great design team that can help you create a logo if you don’t have one yet.

Printing Pointers

Do you have a big occasion coming up soon? Do you need to get the word out? At Scarlett Marketing and Print they can give you the best printing on just about anything! From wedding invitations to official letterheads, the printing done here is truly one of a kind.

Have you ever heard of that saying “If mama’s not happy then nobody is happy.”? That is exactly how we feel. If you are not happy we aren’t either. If you do not like something, we will fix it for you. That’s a promise.


With our affordable prices and exemplary skills, we can have your design become the talk of the town in no time. Not only will our nice costs impress you, you will also receive excellent customer service. In a ever growing world of technology, we promise to go out of our way to show you that we value your business. In fact, we don’t just consider you a business deal, we consider you part of our Clarksville family. No matter where you’re from, once you buy from us you’ll always be part of our family community.


Prints are also a great idea for holidays. Nothing says “I love you” or “Happy Birthday” like a personalized print. Whether it be on a card or envelope, prints are a perfect go to present to show someone you really care about them.


Also, prints are ideal for getting your name out in the public. Are you running for office or trying to get elected into the school board? We can print everything from business cards for easy to hand out accessibility to door hangers with all the reasons why people should vote for you on the backs. Not only that, we can also print fliers for you and your team to hand out at community events. There’s no way people will be able to forget your name if you choose us to take care of your printing needs.


We also make customized menus. Our creative team can make your restaurant’s menu come to life. We will consider every option to make your menu look incredible including: what font to use, the color scheme, how many pictures to place, what size font to use, you name it and we will take care of it!

As you can see, printing is a vital aspect in any type of business. Let us here at Scarlett Marketing and Print help your business create the best prints possible.