Fire, Smoke & Water Restoration

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Water Damage

Clarksville Janitorial and Restoration is here to help you with any kind of water damage. Whether your home has a leak or is completely flooded we are trained to handle it all. We will find the source of the problem and fix it through cleaning and drying method. Until your home is completely dry, we will not stop so that you can come back to a home that you are comfortable in. Depending on the amount of water in the home, the drying process could take from 3 to 5 days or a longer period of time. Either way, we will make sure to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Fire Damage

Fires are a serious concern for many homeowners. So when the impossible happens call Clarksville Janitorial and Restoration to help. Most of the time after a fire, people lose items that are important to them or the entire home. This not only causes their home physical damage but emotional damage to the people that lost all of their possessions. Once the fire department leaves, we will be there for you in this difficult time, using the latest technologies to restore your home back to the way you remember it.

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